Sunday, 29 November 2009

Personal readings with Astroducky

Got an itch and wondering when to scratch it? Or if you should just leave it alone?

Wondering when such-and-such is going to START?!

Or when something else is going to END?!

Not sure whether to leave, stay, change, start again?

Astrology can help! There are themes and cycles running along through all our lives and astrology is the window that lets us see in. I thought astrology was all poppycock until 12 years ago when a tarot reader I knew persuaded me to let her do my birth chart. Right in front of me on a page were the secrets and the answers; it was like she had read my diary, and yes, I was hooked.

I'm not a seer and I'm not a psychic. My readings are based on your birth chart and how it answers the questions you have. I look at progressions, transists and particuarly solar arcs. I also look at retrogrades and eclipses for turning points up ahead. I also use tarot unless clients prefer that I don't.

Readings can focus on something happening next week - or five years from now. It depends what you want to know and where the answers take us.

Email consultations start from £65. To find out more email me at